SILVERFOX is headquartered in Indonesia with production offices in Southeast Asia and Europe. Our expertise is converting ideas into software solutions for our clients in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

At SILVERFOX, we focus on developing professional software with timely delivery. During the development process, we collaborate with clients to formulate the best-practice for the software and ensure that the finished product is ready to be utilized at their will.

By providing a full set of consulting, design and development services, we aim to be a trusted and reliable technology partner for our clients.


SILVERFOX and its teams purpose is to create products with our client that makes our clients improve their business. Our Purpose is to make these products with focus on quality, customization and within the timeframe to ensure our clients move as fast and productive as possible. Quality, on-time and customized products is our goal and purpose.


Our team consists of senior level passionate and innovative graphic designers, UI & UX designers, system designers, full stack developers, project managers and business consultants from 6 countries with deep cultural understanding.


We are the software solutions provider for late funding stage start-ups, corporate and government entities in Southeast Asia with our main clients based in Indonesia and Singapore.



We serve clients across all industries including
– Finance & Insurance
– Consulting
– Automotive
– Mining
– Oil and gas
– Media and others.


SILVERFOX has developers for a wide range of technologies ranging from React Native to .NET. Some of the technologies we use are Java, NodeJS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, MongoDB, Django, Android, iOS, Xamarin, php, and others depending on the project. By utilizing these technologies, we create software to increase sales, create communities, manage events, increase awareness, etc.