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Virtual is the New Reality

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Virtual Reality (VR) will dominate the world of tech. See how it brings benefits to various reasons from increasing profit to saving lives, literally!

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6 Technologies Used for Back-end Development

If you buy concert tickets or book a hotel online, you usually open a website then you interact with the front-end. After you put the information, the data will be stored in a server. Therefore, when you login to print the ticket; the information will be in your...

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How to Build Efficient Back-end System

t. It consists of programming languages like Ruby, Phyton, PHP, MySQL, and so on. All of the works of a back-end is about supporting the front-end, it has 3 parts to it; server, application, and database.

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The Development of BI for Business

BI, or Business Intelligence, showed up as a solution for organizations that require access to have accurate, timely, and meaningful information about the condition of the market and its competitors.

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SILVERFOX: Securing Your Digital Future

Looking to enhance your business growth and being one step closer to ensure your business for the digital future? Want to reach a broader audience but doesn’t know where to start? Planning to build the right web or mobile app for your business? Don’t worry, you’re not...

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Enhanced JavaScript with NodeJS Frameworks

One of the essential parts in the web development realm is JavaScript and today, programming languages offer various kinds of enhanced JavaScript. One of them is called NodeJS, which helps by offering their innovative solutions.

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