Have you ever heard about Front-End? Does it remind you about a position in the office – who works with telephone and greet all guests and your boss when they come? Yes they will work right in front of your office to greet guest all day long, but we’re not talking about receptionist here.

So, there is still no answer.

“What is Front-End?” To make it more obvious, “What is Front-End Development?”

Don’t worry, there are so many people out there who get lost with the definition. But, it is not going to happen with people who work with web development, IT development, and digital/web agency.

Ok, let’s move on! This is not about your position in office or even anywhere, the first thing we have to make sure that front-end is the term that we use in technology and website.

The term of Front-End is known as Client-Side Development, their work is everything about to make your website more attractive, available, and easier for users to interact with. The front-end usually consists of two parts, web design and front web development. If we talk about design, it refers to someone who works strictly with photo editor while front-end make design works easy with codes.

If someone says to her/himself as a Front-end Developer, they must have a good relationship with HTML, CSS, and Javasripct. We call it as programming language that is used by Front-end developer for their daily work.

You will likely ask them about how they use the programming language that works on website? The answer is simple, front-end developer is a person who focuses on writing clean, elegant, and efficient code. They should be familiar with codes and writing codes. All the colors, icons, fonts, dropdown menus, buttons, transitions, contact forms and sliders are made with codes.

Let’s get start with 3 main things who Front-End Developer going to make a good relationship with:

  1. HTML

HyperText Markup Language, is high-level programming language used for customization all about content that consists of text, picture, list, button, graphic, or even video and much more.

  1. CSS
    Cascading Style Sheet, is one of programming languages that is intended to decorate and organize page layout to be more elegant and inviting.
  1. JS

JavaScript is another high-level programming language that is useful for Client-Side. It fastens the interacting process between a user and a website.


You might say that a front-end developer is working to make your browser’s layout to be accessed and used easily. Imagine that HTML is a tool for you to use and customize texts as a paragraph, make it bold, italic, or underlined. While CSS is like your make up to beautify your website. For example, if you want to customize your register field, login page, or dropdown menu you can organize its shape using CSS code. It has a big and important role for perfection process of layout from website, web application, and mobile application.

Moreover, in the era of technology, everything is integrated with the internet. Even for building a management system, you still need a front-end developer. Can you imagine that if you have a house but without window and door, how can you even enter the house? You could ask for some carpenters to help fix it, and they will make you some windows and doors. After that, now you know how to enter your house easily. This includes the Front-end developer, which makes something look easier to see and click on every page in your website.

Actually, front-end is the bridge between graphic designer and back-end. When graphic designer makes a visual and beautify layout, front-end will code them so back-end understand and make the application becomes functional. If you and your team is about to make a concept for an app, front-end will make sure all buttons are able to use.

We could not make it more obvious to explain how important technology development is for your business nowadays. Can you imagine that if a big company doesn’t have a tool to manage every equipments and all of their tools?

The conclusion is that front-end developer inseparable with other web/app developer such as web designer, back-end, UI/UX designer and so on. They are working together to build a good website and apps, so teamwork in this term is the best keyword to define with.

And so are we, a good and strong team who was destined to build the suitable apps for your company.

SilverFox Team.