One of the essential parts in the web development realm is JavaScript and today, programming languages offer various kinds of enhanced JavaScript. One of them is called NodeJS, which helps by offering their innovative solutions. Known for its features, such as the infamous single-threaded event looping and non-blocking input/output processing, NodeJS has distinguished itself from the rest.

The early development of NodeJS was aimed to create real-time websites with push capability. They finally created what they wanted after 20 years of non-ending endeavors. The mission of its foundation is to expand adoption and help accelerating the development of NodeJS with an open system that boosts participation, technical contribution, and a framework for long-term stewardship.


Learn NodeJS = Understanding the Future Language of the Web

Think of JavaScript as the main player of a sports team, and it is potential to reach its full growth. That’s where NodeJS comes in, as the coach, the trainer, to have the team to grow completely. JavaScript has grown and with more efficiency because of NodeJS. Due to its feature to enhance JavaScript, NodeJS makes it possible to run JavaScript outside the browser. This is what NodeJS is well-known for in the world of web applications development. NodeJS works best when you want to build fast, scalable network applications and this is due to its capability to handle a huge number. So when you want it to work efficiently, it’s best to keep your CPU light.

NodeJS was not built to be a dominating new platform but instead, it’s a platform that is built to fill a particular need. Some say that it beats Java and .Net for web, mobile, and IoT (Internet of Things) apps. This is because as a language, NodeJS is a neutral one that is compatible with both .Net and Java formats.


Helpful Frameworks

Companies that use NodeJS for production are PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, and the New York Times. This is yet their feature that is ready for the deployment of enterprises. Another reason of why it is widely used is because of the series of the trusted frameworks, and here are the top 6 frameworks:

  1. NodeJS Express

It offers an easy process to developing web, mobile application, and creating APIs as well. This framework gives flexibility in using third party database and any user authentication scheme. In short, it is what you do with the regular NodeJS but with shorter amount of time.

  1. Meteor.js

This framework supports OS X, Windows, and Linux. It even requires less JavaScript codes than other frameworks, which helps making work shorter but still with the same functions. It allows both sides—clients and server—in a JavaScript application.

  1. Sail.js

As one of the frameworks, SailsJS is compatible with MongoDB, which helps to extend JavaScript and due to the similar JSON-like format, you can keep your data from browser to disk. It allows you to use the same language, whether to the client, the server, and in the database. When MongoDB creates an easier database, then NodeJS makes easier real-time web applications.

  1. Derby

As it is fast, Derby is also a framework that’s precise and allows multiple uses at the same time. Derby allows you to load page faster, support searching engine, and HTML templates.


For real-time web applications, is the framework to go to. It welcomes instant messaging, input/output processing, and it has a client-side library that allows collaboration of document and exchanging data.

  1. Koa.js

When you’re dealing with errors and want to increase on handling it, Koa.js is a choice for you. As a powerful framework, it uses generators that will deal call backs efficiently. In addition, Koa.js is also powerful to improve with the readability of your application.


The good thing is that you can use different framework for your different projects and allows learning NodeJS in a broader way. Some might say that one framework is better than the other, or some might want the framework that works well with other programming languages. But this is all up to you. One thing for sure is that they’re made to help you.

As for SilverFox Tech, we are using these agile and efficient programs to develop the IT solutions and helps the creation of mobile and website application. So, how has NodeJS helped you for your development program? Leave message to our team on the Contact page.