We have teams working on ERP systems, web applications, mobile applications, back-end systems, APIs for integration and data engines. SILVERFOX develops on these platforms to give our clients for example a mobile application with a strong data engine for analytics of users and integration with their financial systems.

System Design and Architecture 

We are passionate in developing the structure, appearance, and behavior of clients’ software to ensure that all technical and operational requirements are fully addressed. Determined to deliver a set of nifty system design and architecture, we focus to create functional elements for our clients within an integrated software system.

Graphics and UX & UI

Appealing doesn’t always mean practical. Thus, we want to deliver more than just design of our products, but also the experience. Our UI & UX and system designers will collaborate with clients to formulate the software system that suits the business and values that they want to present to their customers.

Web Application

A professional web application is vital to accelerate our clients’ business development. By using leading-edge web technologies, our web application is capable to streamline client’s business process to be more accurate, well-managed, and way simpler than ever.    

Mobile Application

Our team at SILVERFOX believes that today’s rapid business needs a responsive media from which it can be accessed from 24/7, and a mobile app should do the trick. Here at SILVERFOX, we create a mobile-friendly application to enhance our client’s engagement level with their customers, business partners, and other stakeholders.


A neat database and robust back-end shall interact harmoniously with clients’ web application to ensure every process is functional and usable, thereby minimizing tendency of error and optimizing the overall process.

Data Engines

We understand that each of our client needs a smart and simple way when dealing with big pool of data to avoid erroneous process. Therefore, we develop a specialized data engine, allowing our clients utilize big data analytics and proceedings to obtain important information and win the market.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Our custom-made ERP system is optimized to empower our corporate clients with integrated functions for a more cost-efficient business process and increasing their customers’ satisfaction.

Application programming interface (API)

Integrated and synchronized ERP, Business Process Management, mobile, web, data engines, etc for more efficient process when dealing with vast data.