5ivePillars is an app that allows Masjids to quickly disseminate information to the users and at the same time allows the users to find, follow, and be part of the Masjids community.

For users, 5ivePillars provides the latest news and events of a particular Masjid, enables them to view private messages that the Masjid shares with the community and it also allows users to communicate with the Masjid’s committee members directly. The compass and distance-based search module make sure locals—and travelers—know where to go to find Masjids. Users are able to Follow / Like up till 5 Masjids to ensure that they are always kept up to date with the latest news of their favourite Masjids.

For Masjid owners, 5ivePillars help you spread out the news and announcements through a back-end web CMS. Masjid owners are able to use the CMS various features, such as News & Events, Messages, and Donations to disseminate information quickly to the users. All data is updated in real-time.