Scope Project Development

SILVERFOX uses scope project development for smaller projects, quick development of prototypes and when building parts of a larger system with agile terminology.

For smaller projects and quick development of prototypes, SILVERFOX uses scope limited development. This is where we agree on the scope, make a design that gets approved by the client, and develop it based on the agreed design and scope.

– Low risk for client
– Quick development

– Doesn’t allow larger systems
– Is inflexible once development starts


The goal of this method is to develop pre-defined systems for the client, who knows what they need. It is efficient on short projects with a limited scope. Each project can be a breakdown of a larger system, where the client is looking to finish step by step or if the client is looking for quick prototyping of a mobile, web or internal application.


The Client – Product Owner.
SILVERFOX – Project Manager; Project Manager; Development Team; Solution Consultant.