What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is mostly used for a high level and designed to have high-readability code and its syntax allows programmer to direct concepts in a fewer lines of code and will be best to pair with programs, such as C++ or Java.

Providing the large comprehensive standard libraries and a featured automatic memories management and dynamic type makes Python as the programming language that is easier to pair with every field endeavor, this range from ETL to gaming or from CGI to web development.

There are various types of this prgramming language, but the one that is mostly used is called CPython and it has been integrated with C language program so that it is compatible and easier wrapped it in C libraries. Another type of Python is JyThon that is integrated with Java programming, and Iron Python that is used to work with C# and .NET code.

Unfortunately, any people still think that it is similar with other programming languages that are slow. However,its performance has been improved over the years and it is proven by the existence of PyPy projects and Numba that speeds up its performance and are still doing a great job until today. Some people also believed that it is not just a language, but a descriptive language that allows users to implement it in any number of ways. However, one thing we know for sure, it is a program that is pretty simple to be incorporated into your working environment.

As mentioned earlier, Python is famous for its easily readable syntax. Many of you will think that it was built by the best software engineers in the world, but its other forms, Numpy and SciPy, were built by domain experts with the purpose of making their jobs easier.

Therefore, if you own a company that specialized in a specific field, Python will give you benefits and will improve your business in public. For example, the famous animation company like Disney uses it to help them power their creative process. Need other reasons? These following list of its best features will get you one step closer on liking it, and actually use it!

  1. Efficient

It is useful when your projects requires a long chain of process that needs to be applied on the data, since the generator allow s you to grab the information one item at a time and pass it through all processing chain.

  1. Fast

Many people think Python is slow because it is an interpreted language. However, its performance has been improved over the years by PyPy projects and Numba, as mentioned earlier. Numba offers amazing speedups simply by adding decorators to code you already have

  1. Broad

It can be used in nearly every field endeavor including ETL to gaming, CGI and web development. This is why Disney chose it to help their process.

  1. Python is not Python

It is a descriptive language that truly fits all. The CPython, Jython, Iron Python, PyObjc, and pyjs are just a few forms of the developed Python that will help your business.

  1. Easy

Other than its syntax, it gained popularity in fields like scientific computing. This is where NumPy and SciPy comes in.


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