Looking to enhance your business growth and being one step closer to ensure your business for the digital future? Want to reach a broader audience but doesn’t know where to start? Planning to build the right web or mobile app for your business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And better yet, never worry again because SilverFox Tech is bringing you the solution.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia and with clients from Southeast and Pacific, SilverFox Tech aims to create a web and mobile apps to complement and enhance reach. Think of it as your extra arm to reach and embrace more—especially if you are focusing on service for users. Our values come from the idea of securing the digital future of our clients which comes as solutions that solves a problem, reliable, future proof, and flexible.


What We Focus On

Other than focusing to enhance reach of our clients, we make digital transformations for back-end systems with customer-facing front layer integration. To know further about us, we have highlighted the essential things that make SilverFox Tech exactly like it is today.

  1. Our back-end systems aren’t just back-ends. We are trying to make systems that are able to integrate seamlessly to ensure efficient execution. We won’t waste your time.
  2. We provide business intelligence & analytics systems to give meaningful, real-time data that give competitive advantage to our clients. This allows you to know the competitors and get ahead.
  3. One IT developer might be structured, and one might be innovative. SilverFox Tech has a mission to combine these values and becoming a structured innovation for IT development.
  4. Need to know which programming languages we use? We work with NodeJS, MongoDB, Python, and Django to help us with this process.
SilverFox Tech: Structured Innovation

Not Your Average Consultant

Admit it, choosing the right IT developer requires a lot of trust and a bit of a “gambling” at first, which is similar with a relationship. Imagine if this is your first app, where you’re looking forward for it to be successful.

Well good news! In SilverFox Tech, we do a constant communication to our clients. This is a part of our Open Partnership method, where we keep the clients updated along the development of the requested app. In short, we are trying to make the clients feel like their company or business is reflected best through their website or mobile app.


Help Us to Help You

So what comes next after you found the right IT developer? You guessed it, the production process. But in order to create the right app for you, here are few things you need to remember before going into production with SilverFox Tech.

  1. Come with a concept

This acts as a foundation. The concept is the soul of your app, so that’s why you have to come up with this. But do let us come up with its minor improvements and suggestion for names if you haven’t come up with one.


  1. Choose which app development

Choosing between mobile or website application is a way to determine the growth of your business. Either way, we ensure that you will get the best.


  1. How big will it get

The database is—of course—what matters for apps, as it is showing how many people you want to target. At SilverFox Tech, we help you enhancing the reach of your business, so don’t be shy about mentioning how big you want your database to be.


  1. Choose a design

What’s an app without their unique design? Design guidance from the clients helps us work faster and more efficient in terms of using the right programming language for the developer. It will help for back-end and front-end developments as well.


  1. Go along with the process

After a concept, database size, and design, the next process comes of our team to think of the innovative aspect for your app. This is where the “Open Partnership” part comes in and the client will communicate with some departments of the team. It’s like peeking of how your app will look like in the end.


What Comes Next?

After developing an app for clients, we make sure that they are satisfied with the outcome while still keeping the warranty. It’s like when you know your kid has learned walking, but we’re still keeping our guards up. We take good care of clients and fix what needs to be fixed.

Still looking for reasons to go into production with SilverFox Tech? You can visit our Blog or our Homepage, or contact us directly. We would love to hear from you!