When mobile phones were invented, people used to think that they were going to operate just as “phones”. Nobody has ever thought that mobile phones are going to be involved in so many aspects of a human’s life. Same theory is going to apply for virtual reality (VR). We can’t think of a field that virtual reality can’t touch; from medical industry to travel industry. Let us see how virtual reality will impact our world.


Our reality is going to be virtual

Just like mobile phones, once VR devices are in the hands of the public, it can have the same level or even higher popularity as smartphones. “VR addict” might be a term added to the urban dictionary. With VR, we can explore places that we have never thought to explore before. We, digitally, can go anywhere we want with this new technology.

Lives will be saved, literally

VR might be a breakthrough in the medical world. Instead of spending millions of dollars on expensive simulators, hospitals, and medical schools are starting to invest in this device to train their doctors. For instance, some surgeries condone no error and they, of course, require tons of practice. Maria Korolov, a technology journalist, wrote a story about a doctor who practiced surgery on a tiny baby’s heart. As Maria reported, the doctor took scans of the heart and uploaded the data to the computer. Then, he toured it using VR headset and planned the surgery ahead of time. In the end, he was able to save the baby. This is just one of many examples in how VR is going to be the new “it” thing in the medical world.

Companies are going to save lots and lots of money

Not only lives, but also money will be saved. VR is going to make prototyping of everything become much easier. Instead of getting those heavy machinery and gigantic prototypes to exhibitions, they can just bring this tiny device for the public to use. One of the examples is YouVisit, a company that provides VR campus tours. Campus tours can be very inefficient for some people due to locations and cost issue. However, with VR, YouVisit can make this available for everyone.

Honeywell, a company who always attends trade shows every year, has decided to showcase virtual demo through VR instead of the physical prototypes. By doing this, they are able to save tons of money on shipping and this strategy also acts as an experiential marketing campaign.

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